[Notice] DSP Media,”SS501 Inki Gayo Stage is canceled!”

Posted: November 8, 2009 in dsp media, fyi


dsp site ss501

[Notice] 11 / 8 SBS Inki Gayo Stage is canceled-2009-11-06 PM 8:56:27

Hello. This is DSP media.

On 11 / 8 SS501 was scheduled to appear in SBS Inki Gayo.

Yet, this schedule is canceled due to inevitable internal matters.

The exact reason for the cancellation cannot be explained to you, please understand this and we apologize for this inconvenience.

This issue has nothing to do with SBS TV, this schedule is canceled by DSP Media.

Please don’t put any protest whatsoever to SBS TV.

I know this cancellation has made Triple S confuse.

Once again I apologize.

[DSP Media]

Source is SS501 Official DSP Site-translated by imuyachan for marinastory@wordpress

  1. Vleese says:

    internal matters? Hm.. Wondering what would that be? *curious curious*

  2. A says:

    aww I wonder why? anyway imuyachan SS501 is doing great in the overseas viewers award thing!!
    am so happy for them!! thanks for posting updates about them!

  3. soin says:

    hope the situation was not too bad..

    thank u fir the news ^^

  4. Vleese says:

    yeah.. Hope that internal matter in dsp only.. Not the boys..

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