[TV] SS501 in SBS 6th Sense Quiz 11.08.2009

Posted: November 9, 2009 in tv show
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Q: what if ur parents against ur marriage?

HJL when being asked, he answered,” I haven’t think about marriage.”


Makes the MC goes “!!” then MC says, “If…” *lol*

HJL,” I will go on with the marriage”

Whilst Kyujong says he will break up with his girlfriend if this case happened

because he loves his parents very much.

Then Jungmin says that he will go on with the marriage as well.

So, funny when Kyu tried to join the other 4 silently *lol*

Yet, in the end the survey says that the college student participant

choose to drop their marriage plan when their parents against it ^^

So, Kyu is right ^^


Q: the worst habit after drinking?

Kyu,” When SS501 went out drinking and calculate our expenses,

there will be 1 member who will keep his wallet safe.”

Then all member glaring HJB *lol*


Q: After New Year’s Eve, most couple will break up or continue seeing each other?

HJB gets the right answer which is ‘continue seeing each other’ ^^






heads up to shirbogurl

sorry, i haven’t watch all parts, so I can’t summarize SS501 parts in part 4-end

  1. greentea says:

    Hi! Thank you for summarizing. I watched it when it was first uploaded, and even if I didn’t understand it, I thought our guys were really funny. Hope you can summarize the others.

  2. Vleese says:

    well.. I’m waiting the subed.. Hehehe..

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