[Update] SS501 ASIA Tour for Persona Concert!

Posted: December 22, 2009 in dsp media, Event

I know most of us are super sad reading the announcement from their Bangkok Promoter that stated Bangkok will be their last stop. Super sad I was, I sent e-mail to SS501 webmaster , since I am in the midst of communicating with them for other matter.

You can see our e-mail conversation via caption below :

And, the reply goes like this :

So, they say, the concert has not been set yet clear. Is that means, we still have hope? Or, the webmaster is not aware of this issue ? or DSP is still considering few countries yet they have not reach any agreement whatsoever?

I really dunno..yet, a local promoter in Indonesia W production that previously brought Rain to Indonesia stated this in their Twitter account :

So, this local promoter was trying to bring SS501 to Indonesia, yet, they tweet above updates on Dec 20th. And this local promoter stated on how they never tweet false news since they get the updates directly from the Tour Coordinator or the artist management (read : DSP Media).

idk what to say/think/hope~but, these 3 sources (BKK Promoter, DSP Webmaster, Indonesia Local Promoter) seemed to lead to the NO MORE STOPS conclusion. If what the local promoter in Indonesia tweeted were right, then SS501 2nd batch Persona tour will be start on Sept 2010.

Then again, I try to calmed my self down and realize that DSP is actually never confirmed any dates for Msia/Phil/Spore/Indonesia Tour right? I mean, okay they say that they will visit those countries / getting request to hold concert in those countries during interview, but, maybe something came up, like : both DSP and local promoter didn’t reach certain agreement regarding the concert or anything…..idk~but that is possible right?

I think we shud wait ’tilll DSP releases official statement. But, if they’re not, we can’t mad or anything because we need to remember that they never confirmed / released any announcements regarding concerts details (place, time, venue, etc.) for countries like Msia/Phil/Spore/Indonesia in the first place.

We are mad/upset/disappointed or whatever u wanna call it simply because we have high hopes when we read those news spread by Korean Media which stated that they will visit countries like : Msia/Phil/Spore/Indonesia…

Anyway, one thing for sure and confirmed, the boys still have their Bangkok stop. If u have the budget, u might wanna go there instead of hoping what is not confirmed yet.



  1. marge says:

    thanks for this update! 🙂

    You’re right. Although I’m still sad, but if ever that they’ll have another leg of concerts next year, for me that would be enough. 🙂


    • Imuyachan says:

      yeah…i try to think that way too ^^ let’s support the boys even harder, im sure if they see many fans here in Msia/Phil/Spore/Indonesia they will come n visit us ^^

  2. Mclove says:

    thank you so much imuyachan 😀 let’s just keep hoping and praying! 😀

    SS501 forever hwaiting!!

  3. radicalkach says:

    thnks for the update;D

  4. soin says:

    thank you for this update…
    i myself still doesn’t hear anything back from Bangkok side…
    but i am kinda agree with your analysis…because everything is not concrete yet, i mean here in SG or M’sia or Indonesia and the Phil.
    so i will still hope they’ll come over here someday, let’s keep it strong and always support them ^^

  5. kurdonya says:

    thank you so much my dear
    maybe ss501 will visit malaysya &sg& ind for ther 2nd tour in september 2010
    i hop that they will come

  6. margaret says:

    i hope they come to Indonesia.. i really” want to see Young saeng oppa n the other member,,
    thank’s 4 update their news.. ^0^

  7. Jaezel says:

    (sigh) I wish ss501 will hold a concert in Philippines,, I’m looking forward on it…Im a big fan of SS501.I love their songs,

  8. kimharuhi says:

    can u please ask them if they r coming to Malaysia…please
    or can u give me thier website? thank u

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