Watch : BOF Cast ‘Kimbum’ Car Accidents :(

Posted: March 8, 2009 in Celeb Updates, English
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It’s a dilemma, whether it’s right or not for me to share u the vid. Yet, i decide to share it. I hope, we as fan, can take care more of ourselves (drive safely) and also try to understand these celebs tight schedule and not being a ‘too demanding fans’.

The Casts are seriously need help ! I mean, the production house, the management, the manager, the cody or whoever that responsible in providing vehicle for them, shud be more careful.

The latest accident touched lead actress Gu Hyesun, which cause her quite serious wounds and delayed the shooting, and also the drama airing (Not good for everyone right ?). Don’t forget that Lee Minho, Kim Hyunjoong and Kimjoon were also got car accidents 😦 I hope Kim Joon won’t be joining them and take care of himself more.

The accidents that hit Kimbum were also bad. He had 2 accidents in 1 week gap 😦

Here are the video from Kimbum 2nd accident (Feb 9,2009) ! POOR Him… the car awfully crashed ‘_’

Credits : hoonfamily @ youtube

  1. juney says:

    oh… one correction… even Kim Joon got one i think… the day right after Hyun Joong’s… but it is a minor one i think… he didn’t get hurt, but the car was smashed…

  2. Imuyachan says:

    Corrected ^^ thx for the info 🙂 i missed the news bout Kimjoon’s accident..

    • are you ok! i’am jodel tunguia i’am in the philippines i really want the boys over flowers tv show at channel 2 abs-cbn all my things is boys over flowers i like kim bum , lee min ho and especially u woobin i like jan di and gail too. i know all your name so yi jung/kim bum , goo jun pyo/lee min ho , yoon jihoo/kim hyun joong , song woobin/kim joon , geum jan di/koo hye sun , gail/so eun.

      jodel anne marie c. tunguia

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