This episode, mostly bout Junpyo ‘new’ relationship with Jaekyoung. And how Jandi deals with it, accompanied by Jihoo. This episode explains more details bout Yijoung’s side. Following post, may contain spoiler!What to highlight :

1. The new ost from SS501 is already up ^^ in the mid & also as closing theme 🙂

2. When Jandi fainted for exhaustion & malnutrition, Jihoo took her to his house. N when she slept, JH kiss her hand, witnessed by Junpyo whom at that time visit his house, which probably want to tell his problems to Jihoo. Junpyo left silently.This lead him to the decision of accepting the engagement thingy T_T

3. During their 1st date, Jaekyoung asked Junpyo to go on the ride which Junpyo had with jandi. Along the way, he saw his handwriting of how he ❤ Jandi and looked so gloomy.

4. Jandi saw Junpyo kissed Jaekyoung.In fact Junpyo, seeing Jaekyoung as Jandi, so he can do the kissing.. Poor him T_T

5. The 4 (JP, JD,JH n JK) met @ a ramen restaurant. Jaekyoung join the jumbo ramen competition which led them to a trip together.  Jaekyoung says it’s a double date.. i love when Junpyo says,” I hate anything that’s related to Double..” You remember his double date with Jandi rite?

6. Jaekyoung showed Jandi the couple ring which she bought for JP, engraved with J&J. First i don’t get it, why jandi is so sad, when she sees J&J. Yet, Jandi brought her necklace in the spa poolside. It showed that actually in the necklace that Junpyo gave her, it was also engraved with the same initial, yet it was engraved J ‘heart’ J. The necklace fell in the pool, Jandi right away swam to get the necklace, then she got cramp-saved by Junpyo. yes, JP can swim now, when Jandi asked him, how come he can swim now.. he answered,”coz i rather drown, if i have to see another man saves you” – Aww.. great answer Junpyo ^^. Then when he sadly transfered Jandi to Jihoo. he left Jaekyoung whom spotted Jandi’s necklace with the J<3 J engraved in it.

7. JP back to spa, n realize that Jaekyoung arrive and enter the same pool, n suddenly she hugged him from behind and witnessed by Jandi who’s back to the pool in order to get the necklace back.

8. As for Yijoung, this episode tells us how Gaeul join a pottery class for him and unaccidentally met Yijoung 1st love whom Gaeul didn’t realize.This episode also tells about Yijoung’s life.. watch it by urself 🙂

Overall, the episode is a gloomy episode. Yet, many facts revealed here..

I can’t wait to see eps.18 🙂

Credit all videos to : rainbird26 @ youtube & ratoka26 @ myspace

Part 1

Part 2 @ myspace

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

  1. leonita says:

    gue lg nyari foto2 keren jun pyo neh ada yg mo kirim ga neh thanx

  2. diana says:

    hi Im Diana jones i would like 2 congratualate u guys cause ur drama is so very perfect in philippines wer so very happy while we watching ur drama guys….i hope it would stay 4 ever..hehehe..thank u boys over flowers

  3. Darcy says:

    hey i’m Darcy but ppl call me Darc. anyway, i’d like to say that i love your show and i’m a huge fan of this show also i love SS501.

    i heard that there is gonna be another part of boys over flowers coming soon.
    cant wait. (if its true)

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