(HAWT) Watch: Korean F4 in new ANYCALL ‘Haptic Pop’ TV Commercial

Posted: March 7, 2009 in Advertisement, Celeb Updates, English
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haptic-scenesPhotos credit : koala41 @ wordpress

Ok, the boys are doin’ the new promo for the latest Anycall Haptic Pop product SCH-W750. There are only F3 here, since Lee Minho is tied with his LG contract. Well, as we all know, that Samsung (Anycall) & LG are competitor, so Minho cudn’t join the boys in this TVC 😦 Too bad, yet, F3 are so gorgeous 🙂 I love Hyunjoong when he drew heart in the car window.Enjoy !

Video credits to : SS601 + sparkskey @ youtube

15 secs version

30 secs version

  1. sarahluv :) says:

    I wanna get 1 does any1 noe how much it costs?

  2. Shannon says:

    I seriously gonna buy this phone…
    its so damn nice…
    i don’t care how mush it cost…
    i jus wanna buy..

  3. samida says:

    hey dis fone izz soo damn good i’ll by dis fone as fast as possible:-)

  4. naasoo says:

    I have this phone^^ This is so cool(^____^)

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