(SUPERB HAWT)Korean ‘Boys over Flowers’ Happy Ending photo teaser !

Posted: March 21, 2009 in drama, English
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Credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation if taken out

The high curiousity about the drama ending is finally revealed 🙂 KBS has released the drama photo teaser.

Last episode airing (eps.21) was quite worrying all drama fans. Since Junpyo is reaching the wed altar already. Eps 21 ended by Junpyo asking Woobin to broke his arm, so he cant go on the wed ceremony (ring cudn’t be wore to his finger i assumed), yet Jandi mad at him, she said to continue the wed ceremony if that’s (breaking his arm) the only way he can come up as the solution..

Yet, the photo teaser released by KBS2 were all about Happy scenes. Photo of the 2 dancing together and even a photo which displayed a kissing scene 🙂 (the dancing scene i think for eps 22, since Junpyo wore his groom outfit n Jandi’s wearing her maid of honor dress)


This drama is originally from Japan comic book titled “hana yori dango” ,and all comic fans knew that Junpyo and Jandi will be together in the end (after all their struggles), yet, the Korean version doesn’t seem to move that way (happy ending), since they even make Junpyo enter the wedding hall with his fiancee (which the previous 2 versions don’t explore that conflict until that level) added with the closer Jihoo is to Jandi is also worrying many fans, they all worried whether the Korean production team, decided to change the ending instead. It’s also more worrying when the Group 8 team decided to keep their mouth shut ’bout the drama ending 😦

Boys over Flowers drama has gain interest in the 1st quarter of 2009. Eps 22 will be airing on March 23rd,2009. The drama fans shud be anticipating whether the drama is a Happy Ending one or not..

OMG, i love the photo releases 🙂 I hope it will be the ending 🙂

Please don’t change a good ending *pray*

  1. sarah_sofea says:

    imuyachan! what’s the ending??? is it good or bad???? omg! i hope that jun pyo will end up with jan di! *praying hard* omg plzzzz!!! i’ve watched the series up till ep 10. i decided to stop watching the series because of the rumour said that; bof korean version has sad ending (jun pyo will marry his fiancee n not end up wif jan di)… omg!! toooo heartbroken to be watched n toooooooo sad n bad for an ending. i want jun pyo with jan di forever!!!

  2. supersenior says:

    jandi must be with junpyo!!
    i would cry if they don’t end up together!

  3. micaii says:

    im so crazy of watching boys over flowers of some kilig moments……i love you kim bum……mhuaahhhh

  4. honey says:

    ..i love you lee min ho….

  5. rowie says:

    …..i hope that yi jeong and gail must be together….kim bum, your so cute…..(^_~)

  6. JiMpoT says:

    i watch boys over flowers
    god luck to your last episode ..
    ^_^ ~

  7. dee-ann says:

    hi jun pyo……

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