What to highlight :

1. I can tell that Junpyo is loving Jandi more n more n can’t seem to hide it anymore.

2. This fiancee character is the most annoying out of 3 versions For GOD sake. Why she even reach this wed thingy 😦 n why is she forcing Junpyo till that level.And why she is showing off to Jandi so much TT_TT Girl, u can never payback someone’s truelove with anything in this world. It’s so clear that those 2 (JP n JD) is an item n can’t live without each other no matter what…. only blind people who can’t see that..

3. Yijoung issue is clearer than before..

4. I think Jandi n Junpyo shud be more brave on struggling their love and shud be more honest with each other..

5. It’s clear that the wed photo taken by Jihoo n Jandi is for a CONTEST !! *fiuh* (mian hyunjoong-aa) yet, this drama is a JP-JD drama instead of JH-JD drama 🙂 as for u i will keep u myself ^^

Anyway, this episode is a “hate jaekyoung” episode !

Video credits : rainbird26 2 youtube

Part 3 isn’t finished, so i give u another link to watch it 🙂

Enjoy !

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

  1. javz says:


    i was just wondering if you know what song they are playing in ep 21 part 5-7 around 4:00 minutes and onwards … i have been searching everywhere but cant find it 😦 *sniff sniff* thanks 🙂

  2. Imuyachan says:

    @ javz : hi there ^^ thx 4 coming. The song is by A&T and the title is ‘gaseumi eotteohke dwaennabwa’. just go to my youtube account to hear the full version ^^ here u go :

  3. ... says:

    hey .. thanks … i realized it was in the 2nd ost .. hehe … thanks so much thoe 🙂

    hope u loved the drama as much as i did .. thoe sad that it has ended ….

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