(NEWS) Boys over Flowers is being warned !

Posted: March 21, 2009 in drama, English, Korean Entertainment
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Credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation if taken out

Broadcasting Communications Committee decided to warn the superb popular drama Boys over Flowers. The reason for this warnings are as follow : exessive school violences, school bullies actions, misleading scenes (unethical scenes), indirect advertising.
The drama main reason for its current popularity as the previous 2 versions (Taiwan & Japan) is because it tells about a modern cinderella story. Though it’s cliche, but the upper and low class love story is always succeed to attract viewer’s interest.

The warning is being given out to prevent the youngsters copying the drama misleading actions.

Here are the reasons :

Depict exessive violences
– Jandi is being bullied by all students.
– Student is trying to commit suicide inside school
– Rape scenes inside school

Unethical situation
– Boyfriend stays over at girlfriend’s house
– School that shows absolute power structure

Exessive indirect advertising
– New Caledonia shootings (that shows its scenery & tourism) brodcasted for 5-6 minutes.

I understand the Korean government concern, yet i think KBS is already knew it, that is why they broadcasted the drama in the evening, which means that the drama isn’t suitable for kids under age and it’s a parents advisory drama. I think in most countries the rule is the same. As for the indirect advertising i dunno much, since every country has their own regulation in terms of advertising regulations. Which doesn’t make sense is , the drama is left with 3 episodes ’till it reaches the last episode, why all of the suddent the committee strongly warned them ? I smell politics here ..

  1. kiki says:

    i agree wit you! its all politics man!!

  2. Butterfly says:

    I think it should be still with the guidance of the parents. But for the story as whole is very nice, heart warming and I really like the combination of Lee min ho and ko hye sun. We always watch it and even my nephews and nieces really like it also.

  3. rizki yunita says:


  4. […] however, they are also very much open to interpretation, and Korean broadcasters frequently receive warnings or fines from the Korean Broadcasting Communications Committee for falling afoul of […]

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