[Video:Report] SS501 1st Day of Encore Concert! -Feb 27,2010-

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Event
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SS501 Hyun Joong Focus Taking Pics at Encore Concert Press Conference

Again leader changed his hair do ^^ And, I totally love his hair evolution ^^

The flash hurt the boys’ eyes ..yet, HyunSaengJoon was so cute together ^^

More under the cut!

SS501 – “ENCORE Persona” Press Concerence by SSTV [10.02.27]

[Fancam 1] SS501 – ‘ENCORE Press Conference’ [10.02.27]-HJL focus

SS501 – “ENCORE Persona” The Concert by SSTV [10.02.27]

The boys performed Obsess!!!!

Oh God ^^ LOL at the greeting session ^^

Can u hear that YS, HJB n JM are promoting their new title ?

Youngsaeng-ee says,” Hello, this is SS501 Bad Boy Heo Youngsaeng!”

HJB with his Pro-Gamer title, whilst Jungmin says,

“Hello, this is sexy charisma – CEO of Shopping Mall Park Jungmin!”

LOL ^^

  1. A says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I bet their concert was a success!!!!!

    *sigh* I wanna be there :(… anyway I miss them hehe 🙂

  2. soin says:

    LOL yeaaa Bad boy Young Saeng ^^
    and Jungmin bursted out laugh when Hyungjun was about to introduce himself LOL
    awww i miss them..

    i hope they take well care of their eyes…

    thank you dear !!!!

  3. SSZA says:

    awww.pity my baby hyun joong having to suffer from the all the flashes!he looked cute when he turned to joon n joon was smiling n when youngsaeng actually stucked out his tongue!!ahhhh…kawaiiii ❤ love them SS501

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