[Diary] Kim KyuJong’s Christmas Message! {REPOSTING NOT ALLOWED}

Posted: December 24, 2009 in Diary
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I already get the permission to join SS501 Official Website so I have access to read their diaries as well ^^

First Diary to be shared is Kyu’s. Kyu posted his diary today December 24,2009!

Caption above is only a few lines from Kyu’s diary entry which I captured!

I translate this diary on my own, reading the whole diary, translate it and then re-wrote it in English.

I knew some blogs are reposting my articles WITHOUT proper CREDIT!

So, since I get this access with my own effort and to avoid any COPY PASTE-r , I decide to put the diary translation NOT in TEXT yet, via an image! I translate this diary-put it on an image by myself. SO, if you find this image posted elsewhere do let me know coz that means the person or the blogger is taking out my translation!

If that COPY PASTE-r come up with a reason “It’s Internet, all people can have access” whatsoever, I can’t agree more, then instead copy-ing other people’s work, go translate it by yourself! As simple as that!

I may not be the 1st person to have access to the boys’ diary entries, so u might be able to read this diary elsewhere (with each blogger/forum own trans) BUT NOT in this “Diary on an IMAGE” trans version ^^ I made it by myself…

Ok, then enjoy this diary entry and do look forward to more of it ^^

D’u know which song Kyu’s referring to? I am pretty sure it’s Youngsaeng-ee ost. song for Will It Snow For Christmas drama ^^ Anyway, hope u have a great and blessed Christmas Eve ^^ I am heading church now ^^ Bye~

  1. kurdonya says:

    dear friend :
    first how are you my dear ??
    hope that you are fine 🙂
    i want to ask you some thing ??
    how can i find ss501 mp3 DOWNLOAD (FREE) songs ??
    I’m searching for it but i cant find it 😦
    so pls tell me how to find ss501 mp3 (FREE) DOWNLOAD songs ????
    thanks my dear friend 🙂

    SS501 FIGHTING ^.^

    • Imuyachan says:

      well hello dearie..im fine thx 4 asking. why u need to download it? u can easily get their cds with of course better quality rite? im sorry, but i don’t know where to download the mp3. from what i know, all Triple S are supporting the boys and not spreading the mp3 around.coz we want to support the boys by buying their cds. u can buy it via yesasia.com darling as they shipped to various countries and with cool price. yet, if u still want to download the songs, idk ..

  2. A says:

    nice message. yey christmas!! and its raining over here but that’s fine. happy holidays to everyone 🙂

  3. Joven Wong says:

    * MERRY CHRISTMAS * special for the owner of this blog
    love your blog ^ ^
    thank you for always sharing info with us

    hope you are happy to celebrate Christmas this year ^ _ ^

  4. soin says:

    Merry Christmas !!!
    wish everyone a Merry Merry Christmas Christmas ….. ^__^
    our Kyu is sweet like ever…
    me and my friends are all s,ilin’ reading your trans..
    THank you !!

  5. Vleese says:

    who is EunAh?

  6. herma says:

    hai kak aku ngefens sama kakak dan leeminhoo
    aku gag terlalu bisa bhs inggris

  7. herma says:

    selamat natal dan tahun baru

  8. Mrs.Kims says:

    Merry Christmas!!! ^o^ hohoho.. yeaa.. must say many many thanks to Imuyachan
    for sharing this lovely massage (& others) from KyuJong ^^

  9. tatavita says:

    Thanks for sharing this Imuya ^^…Hehehe yes EunAh is Kyu’s sister ^^

  10. YungYing says:

    Hi! I’m Thai (Thailand)
    I’m like you (Kim hyung joong)
    I hope to see and talk with you 1 time in my life
    I would like to visit your concert

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