[Video] “SS501 2nd Christmas Show” in Japan 12.19.2009

Posted: December 23, 2009 in Event
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I think I’ve informed u previously, that it is very hard to get the boys’ videos in their Japan activities.

Yet, to my surprise, a fan managed to record their Christmas Show in Japan.

It’s a short video but we get to see the boys  ^^

They’re looking handsome with grey/black suits and different hair do ^^

Leader has his bangs down this time ^^ Super cute like a lil’ kid ^^

And I ❤ Jungmin hair do a lot ^^ Curly FTW ^^

Source : as tagged via shirbogurl3

  1. Soin says:

    wowww lleader look like ‘Thank you for waking me up’ days ^___^
    so cute !!
    see the small glimpse of magnae playing with the X O plate ^^ awww~

    thank you for the clip !!
    and thanks to the Japanese fan for this clip also….

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