[TV] SS501 Comeback stagey in MBC Music Core 10.24.2009 + new schedule for variety talkshow is out!

Posted: October 24, 2009 in photo spread, tv show
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+Ok, it’s official today that our lovely boys are back on stage!!


Looking hawt and all, the boys use RED concept for today’s comeback 😀

Just aired 30 mins ago , do ENJOY!

SS501-Intro+Love Like This

I can see many awards come to this boys for REBIRTH album ❤

Another schedule just revealed ,

SS501 will appear ALL 5, in SBS Strong Heart hosted by Lee Seunggi & Kang Hodong.

Recorded will be done on Nov 5th,2009 at SBS GongGae Hall.

Cannot wait for this eps, since it’s been a while since I see the 5 of them in 1 show ^^

Source imuyachan[Vid]+박세연 psyon@newsen[Photo]

+KBites[Strong Heart Info]

mucore solo pics

  1. sue says:

    they are so awesome!!!!! thx for sharing!

  2. merpati says:

    Love the concept and love their new look

    Thanks Imuyachan for sharing

  3. soin says:

    thank u so much !!
    this is so great !! i think they performed it very good…
    thank you thank you….

    love it esp. the part leader sang, without sound effect
    ^^ so happy to see them back on stage

  4. ysari says:

    I just nervous for a week how to keep up date with their on air album release on TV. Thanks God, you did this for us!. What a releave!

    I am speechless to see them back….!!! they keep handsome and chick.
    I can feel the excitment out there in Korea from here!!

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