(nanana) My SS501 CD arrived from Korea ;)

Posted: May 18, 2009 in dsp media, Music, review
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Ok, I ordered  SS501U R Man cd last month.

And the CD arrived from Korea few weeks ago ^^ I wasn’t able to upload the photos ’till today *mianhae*

The packaging of the CD is really good. I mean, not a simple mini album appearance.

The CD comes with 3 posters 🙂 ^^

Here are the pictures 😉


Still wrapped by plastic ^^


Haha.. no more plastic this time 😉 *am so exaggerating*


Back side of the package


Its side


HJB & YS (Kyu is covered by the package’s side)


So, after I put aside the 3 posters, the result is the CD cover album 😉


Inside the CD cover album


Mangnae is in the hauz ^^ Others u can see by buying the CD ^^


Finally… the CD ^^

Ok, the reason why I share u these pics , is so u can sneak peak the Original CD first b4 u buy and u know what to expect from the CD that you ordered ^^ Will do this everytime my new CD arrive 😉

Remember to support SS501 by BUYING ORIGINAL CDs/DVDs ONLY

  1. BethWashington says:

    How did you place your order?

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi there ^^ I order via yesasia or via my friend who happened to work in Korea. u can place ur order in yesasia ^^ that shud be easier 😉 thx 4 coming 😉

  2. aznsupergirl916 says:

    Hi. I was wondering how long you have been a fan? Btw, thanks for all the new post and information. I check it everyday. I love KIm Hyun Joong so much xD! ❤

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi aznsupergirl916 😉 ive been SS501 fan since the appearance of leader Hyunjoong in We Got Married variety show 😉 hehe. so, am quite a new fan for the group. Yet, Hyunjoong is the reason 4 me to start seriously learning Korean and start doing translation. But, ive been a fan of Korean wave since BoA debuted ^^ She’s the 1st Korean singer that I like, continued w/ Shinhwa , etc ’till SS501 era 😉 thx 4 coming 😉 n keep coming for more updates or easily follow me in Twitter for a quicker one 😉

  3. aznsupergirl916 says:

    Lol i’ll always follow 😀 The news of Kim Hyun joong are too important and fresh! LOL.. Anyways thanks again.. Its realli cool that you are learning korean. I realli want too.. But i dont have the time.. and its realli hard to for .. Lol.. Especailly speaking it. THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN!

  4. KiLlErGuRlZ1312 says:

    Hi!When did your cd arrive?Did it take for a long time?The cd was very nice….

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