Introducing : T-Max (Kimjoon ‘F4’ group)

Posted: March 14, 2009 in Celeb Updates, English, Music
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T-max member (left-right) : Kim Hyungjoon (Kimjoon), Park Yoonhwa, Shin Minchul

The group debuted in 2007. Music style : Korean song with Jpop style.

“T-max is a fan of top J-pop group Arashi

Personal comment : they have a very powerful voice (minchul), unique voice (yoonhwa), great rap (kimjoon). After searching and watch their performance in youtube, i shud say that the group has a good singing skill n great songs..

I specially love their version of Lion Heart song 🙂 Very nice..Hope the group will gain more success along with the drama success 🙂

Yet, in the Korean Boys over Flowers drama Ost. They sing 2 songs : Paradise (season 1) and Wish ure my love feat.J (season 2)

Watch their videos !

Paradise on Music Bank Feb 20,2009 (no Kimjoon due to drama shooting)

‘Cavity’ fanvideo

‘Blooming’ performance

‘Lion Heart’ performance (GREAT STAGE)

  1. Marium says:

    T-max is awesome!!

  2. wonderl@ve says:

    kim joon………saranghae
    t-max hwaiting!!!!^_^

  3. Ginger Kahunahana says:

    I wish the very best for your future in acting and singing. I’m very impressed by the multi-talents of all the singing groups and actors. It’s impressive how everyone can sing in the group. It’s not common in American groups.

  4. monik says:

    love kim joon <<33

  5. chellah says:

    i love you kim joon!!!!i love minchul and yoonhwa!!(right??)hehe,,im addicted to them..T.T

  6. JEes89 says:

    i really2x love you kim joon…
    t-max is 2 the max…
    ur so cute kim joon,i think i’m going to hell…
    i want to be with you
    MARRY ME..!!!whehehe…

  7. france says:

    i really like their songs especially “Fight The Bad Feeling” and correction they also sing this song in boys over flower and this song is so addictive…
    BTW, yah they really have a nice voice especially yoonhwa when hear his voice it’s so relaxing and as if you are hearing voice of a girl… “basta” i really like them… so so so so much!!!

    • Imuyachan says:

      yes u rite, they also sing ” Fight the bad feeling”.. when i wrote this post, the song hasn’t been release if im not mistaken ^^ thx 4 coming 😉

    • nazam jenelyn says:

      hi!kim joon happy b-day……..!!!!im your fan…sarange….sarange…..we all love you and the t-max

  8. liL'kuLitzzz09 says:

    …..hAe….kiM jooN ur dbEst evEn thE otherS….kEep up thE gooD woRk…moRe poweR anD GODBLESS!!!!…thnX Boys ovEr floWers!!!

  9. zakia says:

    love kim joon

  10. kherene says:

    …wow!!!it is my first time to hear your music!!it was indeed great!!!i love it!! honestly it inspires me a lot!!!more power to you guys!!!Kim Joon you are indeed one of a kind!!!fighting!!!

  11. icha says:

    hy….kim joon
    how are you?
    when you come to indonesia?
    i will wait to you…
    i am very2 like you.
    and youre songs……

  12. grace says:

    ur so cute!!!t-max

  13. Nurul says:

    kim joon…
    you are very handsome boy
    i’m very like you so much
    when you come to Indonesia?????
    I’ll be waiting you…..

  14. Asrie says:

    Kim joon i mizz u Sooooooooo much,,,,
    U are my inspiration 4 me,,,
    please, coming in indonesia,,,,
    I be waiting u,,,,,
    I love u kim joon,,,,,

  15. izzatie says:

    an young haseyo…
    i love t-max songs so much!!
    their voice also great!!!
    but,y they r not so famous like big bang,super junior,dbsk. and bla2,,,,,
    almost my friends that fan of k-pop do not know bout them…..
    lovely malaysia fanzzzzzz!

  16. rhiea says:

    i love u kim joon
    i hope u a succes
    u very2 handsome key”””””

  17. isabella says:

    oppa kim joon how are u?my sister like u so much
    and saranghaeyo kim joon

  18. mimi says:

    i love kim joon very much and t-max too.i love t-max song like PARADISE.BOYS OVER FLOWERS IS THE BEST MOVIE IN THIS WORLD!!!!

  19. Intan says:



  20. fitri says:

    i lovE T-MAX…Ii love KIM JOON……………

    SUCCES FOR YOU ARE………………………

  21. mandy says:

    saranghe kim joon!! you’re a great actor.

  22. nadia stephany says:

    kim joon

  23. jance and jamila says:

    i love you woo bin and all the members of the T-MAX

  24. jance and jamila says:

    more power and hope youll be here in the phil. to have a nation wide concert

  25. incha says:

    love you t-max
    i’m fans from indonesian
    please come indonesian i wait you thank

  26. nie says:

    ..hi kim joon can i request paradise…

  27. rizka says:

    i love you kim joon!!!!!!!!
    how are you???????????
    when you come to Indonesian??????
    I LIKE YOU SOMUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. ketrin uchull says:

    kim joon oOpPaa saranghae kerighu fighting . . .. . . .. .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . … . . . . . . .
    t-max saranghae kerighu t-max iiis The best

  29. reaney says:

    kakaq TERGILA GILA banget ma u KIMJOON MauKAN mampir ke rumahq bentar biar dia ga penasaran?

  30. sinta anastasia says:

    t-max I LOVE YOU FOREVER……………………………………..!
    when you go to indonesia…………….?

  31. ica says:

    annyong haseyo…………
    kim joon ilove you so much…….

  32. Amze Dinara says:

    I’m from Kazakhstan. Recently saw the film “Boys over flowers” and I became your fan! ))

  33. silvi says:

    kim joon i love u…………….!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Putri says:

    Saranghae opPa kimJoon…!
    When your and T-max come to indonesian??

    I love u soo muuucchh T-max…
    You’r the best boy band!!

  35. NURUL J says:

    I LOVE YOU ,When come to indonesia?

  36. maya susanti says:

    hello………… kim joon! how are you?

  37. amillah says:

    i love you kim joon aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccch

  38. dina says:

    oppa quw kgn brrat ma qmu

  39. dina alcheon says:

    sekarang oppa gw lagi dimana nih ???
    qoq gga da berita terbaru lagi dari oppa kim joon

  40. leni says:

    love U kim joon

  41. paradise says:

    I love Kimjoon and his song:Almost paradise

  42. TIWI says:


  43. ayue says:

    kim joon we love you soooo mucccccccchh….we will be right here (indonesia)waiting for you………………!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. kharrise says:

    anyong hasayeo! i really like ur song almost paradise! kim hyoeng jun is my favorite singer actor in this generation! when i watch boys before flowers i really watch it everyday


  45. t-max says:

    we love u all members of t-max

  46. personal says:

    i love f4 so much

  47. AngGITA says:

    Kim joon, , , ,
    how are u, now! I miss u so much!? Do u kn0w, i always remember u, every time. And i have l0ve u. When d0 u come to ind0nesia? I will wait u. I h0pe, i can meet u. Love y0u!?

  48. arfah heo says:

    .”hay………..? how are you??
    I miss you so much?? Do u know. I always remamber U….
    kim joom I fans you>>>
    by: arfah that indonesia

  49. rewan says:

    hi i am from Egypt and i like t-max very much
    i hop you to visit Egypt and this is my e-mail

  50. fatin najwa says:

    hye..I’m Fatin from Malaysia.. I like u all..I hope u all always success and fine..

  51. farsima says:

    u are very good looking & i love your music

  52. mithqueck says:

    so cool..
    love kim joon..

  53. MYSTERY GIRL says:


  54. Parya says:

    hi,I am your fan.

  55. kimizu says:

    hi…. T-Max…
    good evening,,,,
    song – a song T-Max is easy, and I really love your song…
    hi.. kim joom oppa..

  56. husna says:

    kim joon ilove you,……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. gem says:

    kim joon saranghe…pogosipta

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