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“The time we spent together already seems so distant in the past.
*If Gu Jun Pyo ignores me, I’ll really wonder if I just dreamt it all….”

Time has passed by – the F4 are now university students, and Jan Di is in her third (final) year of high school.

As Jan Di awaits news from Jun Pyo (she hasn’t heard from him in awhile), she presses on by spending her time swimming and working part-time. With difficulty reaching Jun Pyo (who is in Macau being groomed as the successor to his family’s company), Ji Hu suggests that Jan Di make video message to send to Jun Pyo. Ji Hu also persuades Jan Di to get her shoulder checked at the hospital.

[The doctor says] it is too late to treat her shoulder, and Jan Di finds out that she won’t be able to swim anymore. Feeling more and more confused and uneasy, Jan Di leaves for Macau to see Jun Pyo. Although she is surprised at how grand the hotel is, it does not overwhelm her.

However, when she crosses the road (after all that time apart) to be met with Jun Pyo’s **cold appearance, strength drains from her legs.

* The Korean wording is vague – it could also mean “Gu Jun Pyo ignored me; I wonder if I actually dreamt [the time we spent together]….”

**“싸늘한 외면” – difficult to translate literally; basically, he turns away from her

Season 2 Spoilers:


  • Jan Di’s shoulder injury referred to in Episode 13’s preview (translated here) was a result of being hit by the chair when she jumped to block Jun Pyo from Je Ha’s final blow.
  • Jan Di sets her mind to becoming a doctor (as opposed to a lawyer in Hana Yori Dango).
  • Lee Min Jung is playing Ha Jae Gyeong, the sole heiress of JK Group. Jun Pyo and Jae Gyeong’s engagement will be announced by Jun Pyo’s parents in Macau. It is an arranged, strategic marriage between the two families.
    • As Jae Gyeong shows her affection for Jun Pyo, BBF will explore the love square (”melodrama”) that develops between her, Jun Pyo, Ji Hu, and Jan Di.
    • We will have a more in-depth look at family histories in episodes 13 to 24 (season 2). Jun Pyo’s sister Jun Hee (actress Kim Hyun Ju) and Ji Hu’s grandfather (played by Lee Jung Gil) will make appearances.
    • Like HYD, Boys Before Flowers will also feature a powerful maidservant who helps Jun Pyo and Jan Di stand up against Chairwoman Kang.
    • The other members of F4 will have bigger storylines in the second half of the drama.
    • Episodes 13-14 will take place in Macau. The other F4 members show up in Macau to visit Jun Pyo shortly after Jan Di does.
    • Episode 15 will show Jun Pyo returning to Korea from Macau to attend Shin-hwa University with F4.

So, I guess next eps will quite similar with the Japanese version..

u know, ignorance – fiancee – etc. yay, this is getting better n better…

  1. patty says:

    where can i find the second season at?

  2. remy eyka says:

    wei.. saya ini mau tgk video nya..

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