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Korean Boys over Flowers which had finish airing ’till 23 eps in KBS2 Tv, starts worrying its viewers, especially when eps 23 seemed to disappointing many viewers, who thinks that Junpyo-Jandi will be together and will only need to convince the so called Evil Mommy with no separation again. (more…)


This episode, mostly bout Junpyo ‘new’ relationship with Jaekyoung. And how Jandi deals with it, accompanied by Jihoo. This episode explains more details bout Yijoung’s side. Following post, may contain spoiler! (more…)

spoiler-bof 13

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“The time we spent together already seems so distant in the past.
*If Gu Jun Pyo ignores me, I’ll really wonder if I just dreamt it all….” (more…)