Watch & Review : Korean Boys over Flowers Eps 11 & 12 (ENG)

Posted: February 13, 2009 in drama, English, review
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Here u go :

Eps 11 : it’s when Jandi got tricked by a guy who’s a top model & her hoobae at school. yet, he has this hidden agenda towards her n Junpyo. I like the way Jandi acted her, though many people dislikes Jandi’s attitude towards Junpyo, count me out guys..

Eps 12 : It’s GREAT !!! The best ever… haha… i like almost all parts, when Jandi refused Junpyo’s mom offer, when Junpyo gave her necklace..  i love their simple loving gesture when they hand out the jacket.., i like when Junpyo mad at Jandi regarding the neckalce, i like when jandi finally showed her true feelings when she looks for the necklace, i love when Junpyo looks for her in the snow mountain, and the best is always the last, when Jandi made Junpyo the lunch box-go to the airport n then Jandi realized how she loved him n when Junpyo text her n says I love you… Omoooooooooooo a totally great scenes….

I don’t know why people dislikes Hyesun ssi, coz i think she represent the Jandi character in her own way and i like her own interpretation about the character, same thing goes to all F4 member… they do a very nice interpretation. n i shud give the Korean team 2 thumbs up, to built a great version of their own.

I don’t care what others say, but this drama is a hit !!!!

Wacth episode 11 & 12 here

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