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Eps 13


To be highlighted is: Junpyo didn’t contact Jandi for 6 months already. We can see how she misses him so much. Poor Jandi. Jihoo helped her to record a video, n she cries during this video session. N this episode also revealed how Jandi is not being able to swim anymore. Yet, she goes to Macau to meet Junpyo. Here, she also met the future fiancée of Junpyo who saved her from thief. I love how she n Junpyo meet eyes. Junpyo ignore her presence.. poor her.. I love hyesun ssi acting in the bathroom after JP ignored her. A very nice acting interpretation indeed..  The Korean version made it a bit different with Japan version, since they made the rest of F3 member as Jandi’s saviour in Macau when she caught by a gank… (more…)

Love or Bread

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Eps 11 : it’s when Jandi got tricked by a guy who’s a top model & her hoobae at school. yet, he has this hidden agenda towards her n Junpyo. I like the way Jandi acted her, though many people dislikes Jandi’s attitude towards Junpyo, count me out guys.. (more…)

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