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Aigooooo, this is such a cute scene ^^

When I say Kim brothers – HJL can also be included since his fam name is also Kim ^^

Ok, here’s a rough translation!

Kibum was asked about his hyung’s stagey, and he says that it’s a really cool performances!

Whilst HJL says that SS501 supports U-KISS and ask people to give much love to U-KISS!

thx to skypoem!



SS501 magnae Kim Hyungjoon turned into a big brother for his younger bro Kibum of U-KISS.

Hyungjoon who just arrived from  Shanghai  directly paid a surprise visit for his brother Kibum at U-KISS Autograph Signing event on Nov 15,2009 at Samsungdong COEX – KangNamgu, Seoul.The fans didn’t expect him to come, so when he came the crowd was shock (in a good way). (more…)

Credits : newsen + (English translation) imuyachan @ wordpress if taken out



KPOP Scene.

Mnet Countdown Nov 6, 2008 @ 7pm is full of great artist performance. Male group U-Kiss perform ‘Give It To Me’  (So happy to see this group is gaining more recognition) while FT Island perform ‘I Love You’ single (Honggi looked darn gyeopta ^^v) in Mnet Countdown stage.