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SS501 won’t let their fans breathe easy as they always give sweet surprise in the Pre-Comeback days 😀

Today (Oct 23,2009), the boys released their ‘Love Like This’ MV Teaser. (more…)

Here is the schedule for the teaser music videos :

KyuJong[6/15]- Wuss Up

HyunJoong [6/16]- Please be Nice To Me (previously Be My Girl)

HyungJoon [6/17]- Hey G

YoungSaeng [6/18]- Nameless Memories

JungMin [6/19]- If You Cannot

Kyu-Wuss Up

(Video via iBreatheLifeMusic)

The eyeliner is way too thick 4 Kyu u_u

I’m so anticipating this kind of song from Kyu (more…)


Yay, uri A’ST1 is finally back ! As I posted b4, they will have their comeback in mid of April 2009.

And now, the 30 secs MV teaser is out.The title is Dynamite.The MV is so colorful and the boys are looking great ^^ (more…)


credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation if taken out

The flower boy Lee Minho is showing us his transformation.

Lee Minho for his new advertisement Cass Beer, looked smokey hawt with his new look. He appeared with smokey eyes and different hair do 🙂 (more…)