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Watch Love Marriage eps 14 here (more…)

The best part of this first scene is watching the unflappable lawyer scuttling around his hotel room, thinking to leave a memo for Kang-hyun to read when she wakes from her drunken sleep, trying to leave the note in the most visible place so she won’t be alarmed or confused at finding herself in his hotel bed. It’s kind of one of those jokes that gets funnier the longer it goes on, with Hyun-soo shuffling around, moving furniture, thwarted every time he thinks he’s got it just right. (more…)

Hyun-soo broods in silence while thinking back to the events at the airport, when he was approached by men in dark suits. They are affiliated with his ne’er-do-well older brother, whom Hyun-soo has bailed out of trouble time and time again, even to the detriment of his own now-failed marriage. His brother has run adrift of some scam and now Hyun-soo is repaying his debt. A voicemail from the older brother shows that he’s sorry, but is spoken in a resigned voice that tells us this is not a new occurrence. (more…)

We start off with Kang-hyun in her element: a themed matchup party with herself playing maestro. (Look, it’s Ryohei!) Not only does she pair together likely matches, she persuades (coerces) unlikely matches together and convinces them to see an attraction that may not be there at first glance. Thus she’s her firm’s most successful couples manager and constantly fielding scouting offers from other companies. She’s good — and she knows it. It’s that latter trait that makes her the source of irritation for others. Life is good for Kang-hyun. (more…)