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As I previously informed, KARA was guesting at SS501 1st day of Persona Encore Concert in which KARA leader park Gyuri was  doing a duet with our Jungmin.

The girls were also singing their hits like Mister and Lupin at the concert.

Whilst 2nd dongsaeng Rainbow was the guest star for 2nd day of Persona Encore concert. The girls also sing with *again* our Jungmin and the song is titled “KISS” taken from Rainbow’s 1st album in which the lyrics was wrote by our Jungmin.

I personally like KISS so much , it’s a light and sweet song which I think suits the girls’ voice. I am so proud of our Jungmin, coz he managed to wrote such a sweet lyrics for his junior ^^

Hai girls…

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, yet, today I want to update y’all with few updates!

First is the great news about the boys comeback!

SS501 will  be back to the music scene and release an album on the 501 day!

What is 501 day? 501 day means May 1! 5 = May and 01= the 1st of May! ^^

Yet, the concept of the new release is have not decided yet, so, let’s cross our fingers and hope the boys will release a full album instead another mini ^^ Well, at least that’s my personal hope ^^

Another update’s coming from their Encore concert!

The boys’ hoobae (junior) Kara and Rainbow were also joining their oppas on stage for the encore concert.

Kara’s leader GyuRi done duet with Jungmin for his solo stage with the song If you cannot.

Whilst the whole group Kara performed their newest single Lupin on the stage ^^ Me personally love this song so much ^^ Kara was the guest for the 27th schedule, while Rainbow was the guest for the 28th concert.

Ok, move on to another updates! I collected some nice shots from the boys’ concert and want to share it with all of you!

It’s divided into 3 : from their backstage scene and from their Encore Concert – yet, with different clothing which I posted previously and last but not least their random yet cute scene from the press con.!

So, go spoiled ur eyes ^^


Aired on Jan 27,2010 – 4 pm local time

ENG Subs video is found – thx to fellow Triple S mentioned below ^^

Enjoy !


So, SS501 junior Rainbow song titled Not Your Girl is actually a reply to SS501 hits U R Man!