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On Sept 20,2009 at 5.20 pm KST – Family Outing tv show greet the tv viewer.

Today’s episode guests as we all know are SS501 Kim Hyunjoong and Big Bang Seungri. (more…)


levi-strauss-min-ho with hoodie

I forgot to post the photoshoots result. To make it  simple,  I post my video from the photo spread  🙂

Lee Minho is definitely a hawtie 🙂

Enjoy !

Video credits : imuyachan @ youtube


Credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation if taken out

The boys over Flowers drama recently is showing the triangle love relationship between Junpyo+Jandi+Jihoo. Though, i personally didn’t considered it that way, since JP loves JD n JD as well, yet, Jihoo is only one sided loving Jandi. (more…)

Ok, while waiting the online videos with English sub, i give u the eps.20 photos.

There’s an improvement and reconciliation between Yoon Jihoo and his grandad. While Jandi who’s homeless now, taken by Junpyo’s noona to Gu’s ‘Palace’ (since it’s too big to be called as house ) and be Junpyo’s personal maid 🙂 (more…)

All the Boyㄴ Over Flowers Casts, crew n also Boys over Flowers publisher from Group 8 come to pay their respect.

Credits as attached.

hyunjoong-at-funeralKim Hyunjoong (김현중) (more…)



Credits : imuyachan @ wordpress + newsen for pictures if taken out

As I previously posted (about the spoiler of 2nd season of Korean Boys over Flowers), now, I will share u the pictures for the upcoming episodes.Pictures of uri Gu Junpyo wangja ^^ It’s him in his heir training activity. (more…)

Credits : Nate + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation





He’s good-looking, leader and also has a lot of money. (more…)