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Nope they didn’t Kiss *lol* Leader is so handsome ♥

But, I think from Advertising point of view, I don’t get the message if this is supposed to be an Energy Drink CF .

But, the ‘running while scratching the DK Bottle to the wall’ scene was better than what I thought *relieve*

Leader is so handsome when :

“watered by Shinhye-drinking-playing the DK bottle” = 100%

His singing to this CF  is also nice ^^

Overall, the CF is better than I expected ^^ I feel like drinking DK now 😉 (more…)


credits : NATE + marinastory for english translation if taken out

Kim Hyunjoong & Park Shinhye are the DK (Dynamic Kin) Fresh Couple! The 2 done the shooting for the CF in last April 2009. It is reveal that the CF shooting was using a 10.000 litre water to fulfilled the shooting needs (in order to visual the fresh concept).

The CF concept is a Refresh concept. The Dynamic Kin itself comes with natural lemon & lime taste. So, they brought up the refresh concept. U drink DK u will feel refresh. (more…)

hjl in eweekly1smallcredits : nate + marinastory for english translation if taken out

Kim Hyunjoong featured in KBS Entertainment Relay during his ‘Dynamic Kin’ shooting.

He told KBS that his activities with his group SS501 are preparing 2nd album and their Asia concert.

Talking his kissing scene with Park Shinhye in the Dynamic Kin CF, he is admitting how Park Shinhye has the fear of  creating antis for doing the kissing scene. (more…)

dynamickin1credits : nate + imuyachan @ wordpress for english translation if taken out

As we all know, that SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong (23) and Park Shinhye (19) were chosen as the ambassador of new coca cola company’s drink Dynamic Kin. The 2 already done the CF shooting.

The CF storyline is about : a man n woman who fell in love at first sight, then they go out, and drink the soda drinks to refresh themselves. They finished the shooting for the 30 seconds CF. (more…)