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Was busy yesterday , so I only managed to post this now!

SS501 also gave their Mutizen winning speech!

SS501 won mutizen in last week’s show,

but, there was no show last week, due to SBS Love Sharing Concert event

(SS501 performed too though)

Congrats!! That means, SS501 Comeback hit no. 1 in 3 shows!

MuBank (2x), MuCore(when they’re the last performer) and,

this Mutizen which only given to no.1 in Inki Gayo chart!

Too bad, they gave their winning speech in their last stage >.<

This is proven how our boys are such a great group ^^

They won 3 music shows ONLY within 1 month promotion ^^ Daebak (no.1)!!

Anyway, Chukahaeyo!!!! SS501 JJANG!!!

Oww..don’t they all looked superb handsome in black ❤

Enjoy! (more…)