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November 27 at 7 p.m, SS501 sub group performed live @ mnet Countdown.

Other performers :  Rain (Jung Ji-hoon), EunJiwon,Tei, Baek Ji-young, Lee Soo-young, Big Bang, Dynamic Duo, Mighty Mouth, Brown Eyed Girl, Kim Jong-kook, The Black Pearl.

Wacth the stage performances, credits as attached in the vid.

Credits : newsen + (English translation) imuyachan @ wordpress if taken out



KPOP Scene.

Mnet Countdown Nov 6, 2008 @ 7pm is full of great artist performance. Male group U-Kiss perform ‘Give It To Me’  (So happy to see this group is gaining more recognition) while FT Island perform ‘I Love You’ single (Honggi looked darn gyeopta ^^v) in Mnet Countdown stage.


Guys, uri SS501 wangja is great !!!! After releasing the song, and WITHOUT ANY PROMOTIONS the song Without You from Heartbreak Library Movie Ost. is in the top 5 !!!!! (more…)