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Right after the single released to the music scene yesterday, the single hit the 4th position of Mnet chart !!!


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ss 501

U r Man
SS501 Special Mini Album

With Kim Hyun Joong busy shooting the Korean adaptation of Hana Yori Dango and Park Jung Min starring in the musical Grease, boy band SS501 has to set group activities aside for a while. In the meantime, Kim Kyu Jong, Heo Yong Saeng, and Kim Hyung Jun have formed the special unit Triple-S to carry on the music, and they’re now releasing the special six-track mini album U R Man. Triple-S, which is also the name of SS501’s fan club, represents a new challenge for the three members as they push a more mature sound and look, and even unveil their songwriting skills. (more…)

Okay, H Eugene, whom I barely even know, if not bcoz watching him in Star Golden Bell in SS501 episode, was releasing his mini album Fantasy Partner on Oct 10, 2008. (more…)

Track 1: You

It’s a very ear catching song. Despite the fact that I’ve been one of their fans, this song is really great. Offers a very catchy beat, up tempo while still showing each member singing skills, I’m also enjoyed Miryo rapping in this track. Make me want to sing along every time I played the song in my mp3 player ^^ I grade this song 5 out of 5! (more…)