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Credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English Summary if taken out

Pictures credit : Lee Minjeong Cyworld + newsen

Lee Minjeong who’s acting as Junpyo’s fiancee Ha Jaekyoung posted her farewell photos with the entire crew of Boy over Flowers drama production team in her cyworld. (more…)


What to highlight :

1. I can tell that Junpyo is loving Jandi more n more n can’t seem to hide it anymore.

2. This fiancee character is the most annoying out of 3 versions For GOD sake. Why she even reach this wed thingy 😦 n why is she forcing Junpyo till that level.And why she is showing off to Jandi so much TT_TT Girl, u can never payback someone’s truelove with anything in this world. It’s so clear that those 2 (JP n JD) is an item n can’t live without each other no matter what…. only blind people who can’t see that.. (more…)


credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation if taken out

New Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone ‘Xperia X1’ launched in March 10,2009 – 9.30 am @ the Grand Ballroom of Westin Chosun Hotel-Seoul. (more…)