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On Sept 20,2009 at 5.20 pm KST – Family Outing tv show greet the tv viewer.

Today’s episode guests as we all know are SS501 Kim Hyunjoong and Big Bang Seungri. (more…)



hjl hyori

I found this pic today in NATE,

when I click the pic (so I can get connected to the photo owner in Cyworld),

the photo post isn’t there anymore >.< So, I cudn’t get the details ’bout the photo.

Yet, I think, it’s a scene in Family Outing which leader participated. (more…)


Credits : NATE + marinastory for english translation if taken out

What is it actually the factor to celebrity’s popularity ?

The recent celebrity popularity survey has come up with a surprising result! It stated that the No.1 ranking position is still belongs to Jang Donggun & Kim Tae-hee. It is shocking, since the 2 are currently not active in CF, drama or even movies in South Korea.

A Marketing Research Firm recently held a survey regarding celebrity popularity, ranging from Actor & Actress, Singer until comedian. The survey held from March 1-31, 2009, to 1334 participants (man & woman) with age range from 13-65 years old in 5 cities. (more…)