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I know I already tweet this on D day, but surely need to post this as well!

Our leader is definitely flying high with TS and Henecia altogether!

Let’s continue supporting him!

A photo of leader having a toast to people inside Jaksal chicken house were posted in an online community board.

The picture was taken inside the Jaksal chicken house which leader owned together with his friend.

It was said, the scene was spotted after his Fan Signing.

The photo is shared via the community board on 22 Oct 2011

Via jsmc0632 @ Cyworld

Rought trans :

Leader say that he saw UFO in Japan a month ago. He said it was like a metallic balloon and he heard “Whoak” sound.

He was alone and nobody around when the scene happened.

Source : Nate + aired on 24 Oct 2011 on MBC TV

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Arrival & Departure video

brothership is ❤ ^^