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As I previously posted, uri SS501 Centre Kyujong-ee is featured in Kim Donghee‘s MV titled : Yeoja neun Kurae ( Yes, U r a woman)

He looks great ^^. The MV started when Kyu gave back the ring to his gf. Then the girl slapped him u_u , then the story move back to their ‘still ok’ relationship. Loving Kyu‘s in the flannel top ^^ Then, what’s catching my attention is the part when Kyu‘s running (in the last scene). He didn’t seem in such a hurry  *lol* . And the director didn’t visualized the time gap between Kyu‘s running and the girl drowning session (Director shud have showed us the girl ‘self drowning’ process), coz I didn’t feel the time gap, so when I watch it, it feels like ” Kyu’s running-and all of the sudden he’s getting this girl come out of the beach” feels like.. something missin’ for me ..

But, Kyu‘s looking hella handsome ^^ (more…)


Full Credits : K Bites

The still cuts to singer Kim Dong Hee’s upcoming MV ‘Yes you are a woman (여자는 그래)’ from her first album ‘My Reality’ were released on 15th May.

And featured in the MV are SS501 Kim Gyu Jong and movie actress Kim Shin Ah. For the MV, Kim Shin Ah plays the female lead who initiates breakup with her lover played Kim Gyu Jong, and she walked to the seashore where she commits suicide. (more…)