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Remember my previous post few days ago about [news] hallyu fan card anyone? ss501 to have a concert in japan on april 25,2010 ?

Well, another news came out on March 19 with more info about the concert.


Find these pics in Japanese blog. This is taken from SS501‘s Tokyo Trip when they did concert in Japan.

You probably familiar with few of the pics. Yet, I haven’t see some of the pics.

See the complete photo spread below!

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I think I’ve informed u previously, that it is very hard to get the boys’ videos in their Japan activities.

Yet, to my surprise, a fan managed to record their Christmas Show in Japan.

It’s a short video but we get to see the boys  ^^

They’re looking handsome with grey/black suits and different hair do ^^

Leader has his bangs down this time ^^ Super cute like a lil’ kid ^^

And I ❤ Jungmin hair do a lot ^^ Curly FTW ^^

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Credits : Yeonhap News + + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Phenomenal drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ premium event guest list has been confirmed.

Besides the fan event held in JCB Hall, Tokyo, last April, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ premium event will be held in National Convention Hall of Yokoyama on 6-Sep. ‘F4’ Kim HyunJoong, Kim Joon, Lee MinHo, Kim Bum and ‘Geum JanDi’ Goo HyeSun, together with group SS501 and T-MAX who sang the drama OST will attend to this event. (more…)