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Me say : Love the song, love how the song is sung by YS, I also heart the dance choreo as I can see some siggy dance ^^ The prince has more attitude now in dancing , me like ❤ Good Luck Otter Prince!

Watch the teaser here

The photo was taken for Kyu solo comeback via McD 29.09.2011

This picture is just so beautiful to see ^^ I wish to see 5 of them altogether >.<

Goodluck Youngsaeng-aa ^^

As we all know, Heo Youngsaeng will be participating in a musical project, and more info is revealed.

The musical project will go by the name “SamChongSa” or “The Three Musketeers”.

Saeng-ee will not be the ONLY idol in the musical as SuJu KyuHyun, former FT Island member Oh WonBin and singer Lee JiHoon are also confirm for this musical.

The show will be started for more than 1 month length from 3 Nov until 18 Dec 2011 at Opera House of  Seongnam Art Centre.

More photos below !