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As Requested by many of U !

Here U go the Complete Episode of Haptic Mission!

It is out with ENG Sub ! (more…)

hjl 4 anycall

I bet all of you gets curious, the ENG sub aren’t out yet..

But, oh well, Here U go ^^

Will be replace if the ENG subbed being release ^^ (more…)


Name : Kim Hyunjoong

Experience : SS501

Position : Leader

Other Languages : Japanese – Grade 2

Highlights : YS laughs a lot here ♥♥♥, *lol* @ Kyu‘s dancing , JM craziness and Leader‘s 4D. I dunno where’s Magnae when they shot, but he isn’t here 😦

More of this ? watch the video ^^ (more…)


An update comes from Anycall Haptic Mission. Our leader is now pairing with his noona Son Dambi performing a smockey look concept for Haptic Mission Season 2. Both are lookin like a superb HAWT brother n sister 😉

Son Dambi looks great and sexy as she always do, while uri leader lookin’  even hawter than he usually does 😉 But, I still spot leader’s tired eyes 😦 The complete CF will be released on May 27th,2009 ^^ (more…)