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It’s the last episode for SETI Webdrama !

This last episode aired on Nov 27,2009!

Bonus : Kyu‘s NG Cut in SETI ^^

Hope to see him in more dramas ^^


Eps 16

Bonus : NG Cuts!


Ok, the highlight for this episode are :

1. JP received the gift from JD

2. JP’s fiance declared as having an onni n dongsaeng relationship with JD

3. Fiance is asking JD to be her dating coach (ouchhh)

4. JP once meeting her @ school n asked why she’s not swimming anymore-she refused to answer

5. JH meet his grandad

6. F2 (yijoung n woobin) launched their plan to make the 2 (JD n JP) together via the FAKE Date of Yijoung n Gaeul have (more…)