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final eps ss

Wuhu, finally the waiting is over. Here are the Final Episode 🙂

Part 1 still contain few scenes from the First Episode scenes..

Goshh.. These 3 : HJL, JM n KJ are hella good in acting ♥

Due to it’s length and huge file size (1.2 GB), the Final Episode is divided into 3 parts (Incl. Behind The Scene) (more…)

Here is the schedule for the teaser music videos :

KyuJong[6/15]- Wuss Up

HyunJoong [6/16]- Please be Nice To Me (previously Be My Girl)

HyungJoon [6/17]- Hey G

YoungSaeng [6/18]- Nameless Memories

JungMin [6/19]- If You Cannot

Kyu-Wuss Up

(Video via iBreatheLifeMusic)

The eyeliner is way too thick 4 Kyu u_u

I’m so anticipating this kind of song from Kyu (more…)