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Top Female Idol group Brown Eyed Girls & Jewelry will compete and prove who’s to be the real Korea’s Madonna. (more…)


I am closing the polling n here’s the result !

Okay, welcoming the upcoming 2008 MKMF Award, i do have few objections towards the Nominee list, (more…)

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The final list for 2008 MKMF nominee-and-song list has been released, and has also attracted heated response from music fans. (more…)

I love the perf :p They always sound good in their LIVE !!

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Track 1: You

It’s a very ear catching song. Despite the fact that I’ve been one of their fans, this song is really great. Offers a very catchy beat, up tempo while still showing each member singing skills, I’m also enjoyed Miryo rapping in this track. Make me want to sing along every time I played the song in my mp3 player ^^ I grade this song 5 out of 5! (more…)

Lee Minwoo (M) opened the 25th Sep 2008 Mnet Countdown show by performing I M U song. (more…)