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I Found the videos !

I am posting the best fanvids from what’s currently available in the internet !

Most of it still LQ !

Yet, I manage to get an HQ for the Encore 😀

Enjoy !

De Javu (FULL) (more…)





As scheduled, on Aug 29,2009;  SS501 held their Beijing Fanmeeting 😀

I wanna share the boys’ video from departing ’till arriving at Beijing 😀

For now, I only get the fanvid for Leader’s departing.

As for the Beijing Airport arrival, I get to share 2 videos w/ y’all 😀

2 thumbs up to Beijing fans 😀

Love the green balloons 😀 Love the scream 😀

Love their escort from airport ’till hotel 😀

Yet, the currently available hotel fanvid isn’t clear at all,

and we can’t seem to see the boys, so am not posting it here 😀

I get a clearer Hotel arrival 😀

Enjoy the videos !

SS501 Hyun Joong Departing for Beijing at Incheon Airport

So handsome ❤ (more…)