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Kyu is superb cute when he held the suitcase and walk backwards ❤

OMG<3 HJB‘s yawning session is so ❤ ^^

So cute when he steals glances to the camera ^^






Concert all

SS501 has successfuly held their 2 days concert in Seoul on Aug 1-2,2009 ! (more…)


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HJL in new MV one

Credit : marinastory if taken out

SS501 recently shot their newest drama MV for their upcoming album. From the MV set, it is reveal that leader Hyunjoong is changing his new hair-do. This time he goes with wavy hairstyle.

On June 6,2009 KBS Entertainment Relay edition, we can see SS501 pretty boys showed their acting skills via their newest drama MV behind the scenes.

In the drama MV as I informed u previously, Leader & Kyujong are playing as killers who have different reason for ‘killing’ Park Jungmin. In the MV set, Leader showed his newest hair do. This time, he appeared with wavy hair with a brighter hair color tone.

Kim Hyunjoong,” In the MV I’m playing as a killer, I also need to hold gun and everything, so in order to show the cold blooded killer figure I used my body gesture and eyes view”. (more…)