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SoIn , “And … there’s a story about a TripleS who is Leader’s fan, her name is Nan and  she was ill with her kidney problem, she was about to attend the concert but since the concert was postpone from January, she is now in the hospital after the operation and other TripleS helped her to let DSP Thailand knows about this….the very nice of them…they get this to our Hyunjoong and he sent her a letter with a cute little bunny soft toy ^^ I’m searching for the source of this to ask for permission if i can share this…. Very heartwarming…I couldn’t say I envy her…just wish her the best and to recover soonest”.

SoIn,” I got this from (a thai web community) and i just learned that this is taken from soompi
since this is in Pantip which is open to all, and we are aware of this for a while before…
i feel that it is good to share this….
was about to cry after i read it….hope Nan gets well soon
and i feel so grateful…even i dont know her personally, and even i’m not part of this
thank God there’s such a kindness … please cure her …

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SS501 sends message For Triple S Thailand !

The boys are also informing their Persona Concert in Bangkok.
I think they did this in Japan during their Xmas Show as the boys wore the same clothes!

Ok, heard about this issue today, and when I want to check it via their Bangkok promoter website, my friend SoIn sends me e-mail about this issue as well as the details.

So, I check it to the Bangkok promoter website and the news is TRUE!! The date is once again changed into Feb 13,2010. I know many of u upset as it’s impossible for Chinese fans to come due to Lunar New Year celebration on Feb 14,2010. And what’s upset me more, the news release says that Bangkok Concert is going to be SS501 last stop before doing their Persona Encore Concert in Seoul! OMG! That means, no Msia/Phil/Spore/even Indonesia stops then ????

So, our choice is either Bangkok Concert or Seoul Encore Concert on 2010.

OMG! It’s impossible for me to go to their Seoul concert~ so that means Bangkok Concert is the only way!

I don’t know what to say / think right now ..

Translation from the Bangkok Promoter website is as follow :


They change the date of the concert and released the concert details! Read away! (more…)