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Yesterday I felt so darn tired, got home from office around 11.00 pm so don’t hv time to do translation. So I put my dear friend’s blog posting. Eileen dear.. many thx to U ^^

Below are reasons for all of us to watch tonight’s MKMF show !!

Full credits : K BITES

First-ever joint stage between Big Bang and Lee Hyori on MKMF


Lee Hyori and Big Bang will be having their first ever joint stage on MKMF on 15th November.
The concept of the performance will be kept secret until the day of MKMF itself. Hyori together with PD in charged have met up together with Big Bang in Big Bang’s practice room. But a photo of their planning was exposed by fans and circulated on the net.

This joint stage is one of the highlights of the 3 part opening for 2008 MKMF.

It is planned that Hyori will perform her version of ‘Look Only At Me’ and Big Bang perform Hyori’s ‘10 minutes’, they will perform each other’s music in their own confident style. There are also plans for GDragon to perform the song ‘Look Only At Me Pt 2′ for the first time.

This will be a much-anticipated joint performance between Hyori, who won the Most Popular MV award in 2003, and Big Bang who won the Best Song Award last year.

Dong Bang Shin Ki to perform ‘Wrong Number’ and special mini concert on MKMF



Dong Bang Shin Ki will move on to promote ‘Wrong Number’ after ‘MIROTIC’ from their 4th album.

They will be performing the song on 15th November on MBC Music Core as well as on MKMF. For MKMF, they will be having a small special mini concert where they will perform from their debut song all the way to their most recent song.

The Result is : SS501 is end up in 7th place T_T Sad yet oh well… So, the winner is the we all know.. Dong Bang Shin Ki… Chukahaeyo !!!


The voting is over. Here’s the detail of the event (click for a clearer version):


The event is held at the same time for SS501 Fan Meeting.. so, if i find a way to watch it LIVE , I will watch the SS501 Fan Meeting instead ^^v But, yeah, I will still give a complete report regarding this award …

To watch the 2008 MKMF Award : go to !! Install it now, so no need to be disturbed during the LIVE event !!!

Happy Watching !!!!!