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This is his Goodbye stage in InGa. Is this his fan service,

coz he always gives his best smile in the past 2 days during on stage ^^ Cute to the max ^^

안녕가세요 생이야.. 넌 진짜 대박이다… 목소리 가 진짜 짱 ^^

Saeng-ee says Goodbye to us fans, as last week was his last promotion time. He said Goodbye on MuCore 18.06.2011

He smiles a lot here ^^ So much a fan service ^^ Sorry for being so late to share this, last saturday I was busy to welcome SS501 magnae HJB in Jakarta ^^ 이건 생이마지막뮤커무대요 >.<

오모!! 우리 생이.. 너무 멌잇다!!! 아이구..

난 왜이래요? 네짱 멤버가 리더 아님연 영생이??? ㅋㅋㅋ