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I just love to see him doing sport like this ^^ Keep healthy 리더님!



TFS SG released their info regarding the event just now. Pls read the pic for more details.

Tx SoIn for the tip!

OMG! Our leader is def something! His life experience is just beyond common ^^

hahahahaha~so much from a 4D leader Joong!

Cameraman today spot few foreign fangirl and fanboys ^^

Yet, I just can’t helped to giggle when I saw those fanboys >.<

Especially the one who made heart gesture ^^ Omo! Uri leader jinjja ~

I heart his glasses !! He smiles a lot too ❤

The necklace >.< arghhh , this is the 2nd time he wears it T_T too girly…

Feel like texting his stylist and ask her/him to get rid of the necklace ;__;

But, I love his sporty concept today ^^ and Artmatic also wear their Tee ^^