I love how the SJ boys called him with SS501 lead vocal ^^

And of course me love how YS called himself SS501 Heo Youngsaeng  ^^


I regret that I missed his SG FM >.< Hope he will do it again in Korea soon so I can go -__-

❤ him much and more every single day!

So short -__- But, it is a good performance from Saeng-ee



The prince is back with great concept ^^

The song is good with good choreo and of course Saeng-ee’s live skills are nothing to be questioned ^^

[One thing that I dislike is he’s getting skinnier than before >.< Pls eat more Saeng-ee ya -__-]

via kyu-jong.com

B2M Entertainment released a news on their official site on 11 May 2012.

Here’s the translation:

Heoyoungsaeng 2ND MINI ALBUM [SOLO] Release Schedule 


This is B2M Entertainment.

Heoyoungsaeng 2ND MINI ALBUM [SOLO] Release schedule details :

May 11, 2012:  Online Shop reservation starts

May 18, 2012: [SOLO] TEASER released for public

May 22, 2012: 00:00 [SOLO] On/Offline MV Release

* The mini album is available via offline shop starting from the 23rd 


Source : b2m site + eng trans by @imuyachan