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A photo of leader having a toast to people inside Jaksal chicken house were posted in an online community board.

The picture was taken inside the Jaksal chicken house which leader owned together with his friend.

It was said, the scene was spotted after his Fan Signing.

The photo is shared via the community board on 22 Oct 2011

Via jsmc0632 @ Cyworld



Hello fellow Triple S~ It’s been a while I know…

I know many of you been asking whether my blog is still active or not…

It’s been in hiatus mode actually~sorry for not informing you previously..

To be honest, I was confuse whether I can cope with the news updates since I am all alone as my contributor only giving limited contribution – mostly about event report plus I was actually confuse and dazed when the group leave DSP and went to different companies, yet, my main reason was because my job took most of my time  = I was super exhausted T.T I feel like having no life besides working & blogging >.<

That’s why I decided to stop for a while and think hard whether to stop blogging or not, though I sometimes translated news / tweet via Twitter~

It was n still confusing… but my love for Kpop is greater than I thought, now I am in the midst of working a project that (I hope) will satisfied every Kpop shipper.

And, before the project settle, I decide to comeback and gives you update about SS501 (here) and Overall Kpop at Hallyuism.

Hope to get your biggest support so I know that I’m not making a WRONG decision to comeback!


이무야찬  입니다

A photo shot by Kyu is tweet by SS501 producer Steven Lee.

He tweet this :

“Great shot by Kyujong 🙂 We went to see fireworks @ Downtown Disney”

Above tweet is posted on 1 Sept 2010 via his Twitter timeline!

It seems our Kyu did enjoy his US Trip and his camera ^^

Thx @Steven_Lee_ for sharing this with all TS!

CNN revealed South Korea’s 20 hottest male celebs list of their version.