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Me say : Love the song, love how the song is sung by YS, I also heart the dance choreo as I can see some siggy dance ^^ The prince has more attitude now in dancing , me like ❤ Good Luck Otter Prince!

Watch the teaser here

As promised by KeyEast, on 13 Oct, HJL will
released its full mv for new single “Lucky Guy”.

They kept their promise n unveiled the full mv. As i guessed from the teasers vid, the mv is set in a classic feeling, hjl with wavy hair do is acting as a wanted guy. Overall comment :hjl looked fine, i like the concept , the choreo n super love the color tone. Haha. The song is great n def will hit the top chart.

I am blogging from my Galaxy Tab since my laptop internet connection is down T.T

Hope u girls like it, as his comeback will be next thursday via MnetM!Countdown on Oct 20, 2011.

Watch the MV here if u cannot click above mv

A bit similiar with the 2nd one yet shows more of the female talent ^^

If u don’t know, the girl is one of the actress of “lie to me” drama.

Yup, indeed the annoying friend of Yoon EunHye LOL

I like the car scene. Him with the shade is just epic ❤