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asta tv

I order the ASTA TV Magz the soonest I know that SS501 was featured in its May 2009 edition.

I bought the Magz with the price of 11.800 won (excl.shipping fee) – just in case u want to buy it ^^

The magazine was actually sold in 2 cover option : SS501 / Lee Minho >_< It was hard, yet, I chose SS501 cover instead! The magazine was reporting SS501 Le Coq Sportif photoshoot, Lee Minho for its Levi Strauss Ad, Cass Beer 2X CF & Dunkin Donut’s Event report, Boys over Flowers Goodbye Yoon Jihoo‘ event , BoF farewell party, LG Lollipop w/ Big Bang & 2NE1 interview ended by MVIO 09 FM Fashion Show with HJ Leader. We cud see also Goo Hyesun in its Cosmetic Ad + BoF Poster ^^ Wuhu.. now u know the reason I bought it rite ? (more…)

Back for blog ??

Posted: April 26, 2009 in English, Just blogging

I dunno how many of u guys notice my no update blog condition these past 6 days. I informed this via twitter (please refer to my blog’s right side). I was suffering a wrist injury due to ‘computer overworking‘ . I couldn’t use my right hand at all. The doctor said that I need to have a total rest (read : not doin’ anything with my hand).

It was VERY hurt, yet it hurts me more to face the reality of me couldn’t do blogging for my 3 blogs 😦 But it was also hurt me 2 c that none of u guys (read : visitor) realize that. Anyhow, in the end I come with the conclusion of me having mostly silent active visitors along this time. Coz i couldn’t say that I have less visitors if I see the blog statistic data. U guys just don’t say much maybe ..

My original goal of having this blog is to spread the word out ’bout SS501 & to improve my Korean skills, yet, it developed  wider into pursuing a Global SS501 (KPOP) Lover community.

Hope to reach that level n not to feel that u guys are actually don’t care whether I write or translate something or not in this blog.

So pathetic u may say, yet, this is how I feel now..

Anyway, welcome back to me 🙂 Let’s blogging !


Dear Visitor,

First of all, I really want to say how grateful I am for having great numbers of visitor in this blog. I just started a new job, after my intentionally so called break that I took these past 3 months.

So, for this reason also, I’m in the situation of having limited time for blogging everyday, u know..tired n all..

Usually, during my hiatus period, I will blogging everyday, translating this n that, uploading this n that, but now, it is very hard for me to do the same thing….

But, for my huge love in this blogging world.., I will still doing it, yet i will only asked for your understanding to my minimum postings now, since I’m so darn sleepy when I’m back from office. N yes, I can’t use office internet for my personal use n I also don’t have time to do that, since I’m preparing a huge Grand Launching for my office. So, yeah.. (more…)

I always like FTI since their debut. I think this group has been giving a different taste in the KPOP scene. (more…)