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HJL gave Kyu surprise visit on 02.09.2011 at Kyu’s Goong Musical practice ^^

HJL paid sudden visit, suprising Kyu and also brought lots of snack for the Musical cast and crew.

HJL said that he was busy for overseas tour but definitely won’t miss Kyu’s musical.

HJL also wish KyuJong a goodluck and all the success for the Musical.

Finally!! My 2 favorite altogether ^^v

Source : nate

More photos !

I browse news about SS501 and found this news when I sorted Kyu’s news at the k-sites!

U read it right! B2M said that  KyuJong is currently working on his solo album which is prepared to be released on early September 2011. 



TFS SG released their info regarding the event just now. Pls read the pic for more details.

Tx SoIn for the tip!