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The fan base names for both KyuSaeng has been decided. Just in case u missed the info, I am gladly share it with you ^^

After going through several stages of choosing the best names, it is decided as follow :

– KyuJong fans is called ThanKYU


– Youngsaeng fans is called Y.E.S (stands for YoungSaeng Eternal Supporters)

Pls remember these names, tho TripleS still exist as in the group supporters ^^



Remember when I posted this? When I posted it, I didn’t know where n what YoungSaeng did at that place and at that time, but I guessed it’s a Lasic Surgery place! And, guess what! My guess is right! ^^

Today I browsed through Saeng-ee korean FanSite and I found out it’s true!

The clinic name is Oseoeye , same as Kyu‘s (see Kyu’s news here). These 2 boys in fact did their Lasik Surgery at this clinic and Kyu was accompanying Saengee on this date (that’s what the fan site wrote-yet, no photo about it).

Saeng-ee even took a photo time with the same doctor ^^ *Lucky Doctor* (The Fan Site wrote that the doctor is the clinic director). Saeng-ee also wrote a letter for the clinic!

Most of these photos are the same yet with better quality ^^ Enjoy!


Kyu had his Lasik surgery at this eye clinic.

He also took a photo time with the clinic doctor.


This is sent to all TS official member in Thailand.

Credits to : triplesphilippines + as tagged!